The narrow channel that seperates Paros from Antiparos is only 4 metres deep and it takes just 10 minutes to make the crossing. The established sophistication of Paros gives way the moment you set foot on dry land from the landing barge-ferry that shuttles back and forth all day between the two islands. The village of Antiparos, Kastro, has that wonderful, vibrant air of a small, compact Greek harbour. Tavernas, hotels, cafes and shops lie concertinaed along the waterfront. Delve inside the village and all manner of delights await. The two main squares are linked by archways, one the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee under an enormous eucalyptus, the other the starting point of the old village wall and castle built in 1440 and designed to protect the inhabitants from pirate raids.

Venture away from the village and both beach lovers and walkers will be spoilt for choice. Antiparos is noted for its superb sandy beaches, and safe swimming. There are a handful of beaches within easy walking distance of the village and even the more far flung coves and bays are accessible seeing as the island is only 12.5 km long and 5.5 km wide. One such area is Agios Georgios on the southern coast of Antiparos. Located opposite Despotiko island, Agios Georgios with its sandy beach, translucent waters, handful of tavernas and tranquillity is a gem.

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Antiparos can be combined with Athens, Paros, Mykonos, Tinos,  Naxos & Santorini.

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