Things To Do

Naxos offers a very wide programme of excursions and activities. Coach tours around the island are the easiest way to appreciate the ancient monuments and natural beauty of Naxos.


There is also a walking tour of the Venetian Castle in Chora. The more active may want to join one of the 4 walks with guide. The areas of Naxos that are included in these walks are the Olive Groves of Tragea, the river of Kinidaros, the villages of central Naxos and the area of Sangri with its Venetian towers and temple of Demeter.


Exploring by mountain bike is another possibility with 4 routes to choose from.


A horse riding centre is based in Kastraki offering everything from 4 hours riding in the Kastraki area (beginners are welcome) to more adventurous journeys for 1 or 2 days.


Out on the water, windsurfing, water-skiing and jet skiing are all readily available. Boat excursions are also numerous. Daily caique boats visit the virgin beaches of southeast Naxos which are inaccessible by land whilst larger vessels visit Mykonos/Delos, Paros, Santorini and Koufonissia/Iraklia

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