When it comes to travel and the Greek islands, guide books rarely agree and quite often have a completely contrary view to our own. Schinoussa however, seems to attract the same plaudits from us all. Charm, unspoilt, even dreamy are just some of the epithets showered on this diminutive island in the eastern Cyclades.

The Lilliputian port of Mirsini is the island’s gateway. The principal village, Chora, is only 15 minutes’ walk away. The one main street in the village is home to the usual mix of tavernas (four at the last count), cafes, mini-markets and residential dwellings. From here, various donkey tracks lead to umpteen beaches that vary in consistency from pebble to gritty sand. The nearest of the dozen or so beaches that are worth frequenting is Tsigouri taking about 10 minutes down and 20 minutes back up to Chora, depending on the number of breathers you take!

Walkers will relish the paucity of motorised transport on Schinoussa, taking to the tracks and venturing further afield to beaches such as Psili Ammos, Fikio & Bazeou, but be sure to take food and water with you as there are no tavernas in these areas. Schinoussa has rated very highly as a destination on a consistent basis, based on our clients returned questionnaires.

Twin centre and Island Hopping:

Schinoussa can be combined with Amorgos, Athens, Donoussa, Iraklia, Koufonissia, Naxos and Paros

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