This Year’s Top 5 Reasons to Visit Greece

This Year’s Top 5 Reasons to Visit Greece
This Year’s Top 5 Reasons to Visit Greece

Greece's tourism product is resurrected, providing a new window of opportunity for all types of guests. For a time, it appeared like Greece was doomed after making headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons. When everyone thought the country was doomed, it rose from the ashes to use its tainted reputation to its advantage. Post-crisis Greece has strengthened the classic beauty of sugar-cubed villas atop cliff-tops, sun-kissed Aegean beaches, antiquity trips, and Mediterranean food in what is nothing short of a success story.There are more reasons to visit Greece right now, as if it wasn't already enticing enough. And it will perfectly fit for your last minute holidays Greece.

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1. Greece in all four seasons

Greece is more than just sun and water, which is why the government has revealed a new tourist policy that promises to "extend the tourism season" and make Greece one of the world's top five destinations.For the typical traveler, this means year-round access to thematic tourism. Families can now take advantage of special family discounts at winter resorts, run the Athens Half Marathon at a discounted rate during the off-season, or participate in rock-climbing fiestas on the craggy slopes of Kalymnos island.From the budding Tweed Run on scenic Spetses in the spring to the Red Bull freerunning Santorini in the fall, Greece is now the happening spot, with something to do and see in every season.

2. Budget-friendly lodgings

The housing bubble has broken, and ordinary Greeks have hurried to sell property that might otherwise be unavailable. The stakes have never been higher."Security is at an optimal level, and prices are at their best due to recent economic instability and capital controls. "In our industry, you may obtain a room for 30 euros that would have cost more otherwise," says Kostas Brentanos, the president of SETKE, which represents Greeks who rent out tourism lodgings."Even high-end lodgings with superb amenities and facilities that once cost 120 euros are now accessible for 70 euros, with the hotel VAT increase (from 6.5% to 13%) falling on the proprietors rather than the clients."

3. Save time and money by flying straight.

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks and disease outbreaks, more tourists are flocking to Greece. As demand grows, additional direct flights to destinations around the country will be available.Because the Middle East is "associated with insecurity in the minds of western tourists," according to Euromonitor travel expert Wouter Gerts, Greece has arisen as a comparable alternative due to its similar weather, low pricing, and security. TUI, a German tour operator, recently verified that tourists are flocking to Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy for their upcoming spring and summer vacations in record numbers. Bookings to Turkey, on the other hand, fell by 40%.According to Greek civil aviation data, Greek airport traffic increased by 11.5% in January alone. A total of 1. 8 million people flew on 19,890 flights, taking advantage of the benefits of direct flights at low fares.

4. Explore uncharted territory

Yes, it appears like it will happen in 2016. Due to a fast-track rule that expedites procedures for public-private partnerships, previously hidden backwaters are being made public for the first time. This means that four Greek seaplane projects — Skyros, Alonissos, Paxi, and Agia Marina at Grammatiko – can forward to the next level of development."The ministry's goal is to build a waterways network by next summer," Energy Minister Panos Skourletis stated. "This will benefit the economy, create jobs, and contribute to the interconnection of small and isolated islands as well as the growth of local communities."After three years of preparation and with more than 50 waterways all plotted out, the Hellenic Seaplanes company can literally taste the start of operations in 2016. The idea is to connect the country via seaports, allowing for the exploration of previously unexplored terrain before it is irreversibly altered by the inflow of people.

5. There are many more reasons to take to the waters.

Greece, a sea-carved country with a huge 13,676-kilometer coastline, is, was, and always will be a seafarer's dream. Despite the fact that local mariners are aware of this, National Geographic recently named Evia as one of the top ten international sailing locations. It's no wonder, then, that Athens and the Greek islands were among Yahoo's top ten most-searched cruise destinations in 2015.Three-time top-ranking Olympic sailor Armando Ortolano, one of the company's founders, believes Athens is a one-of-a-kind yachting destination. Its docks are quite close to the Saronic islands and city landmarks, an advantage that has maintained interest despite the fact that investors have been hesitant to invest."We're doing everything we can to keep business viable," he says, citing a 20 percent reduction in charter rates since the start of the recession. "This implies that a six-person yacht may now be leased for 1,500 euros per week, or 200 euros per person for seven days, plus a skipper!" Best of all, 2016 will be his company's year of innovation, with plans to provide a "lifetime memories in a day" package that includes tailor-made options for day adventures like fishing and scuba diving.

This Year’s Top 5 Reasons to Visit Greece