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Explore Meteora's Eastern Orthodox monasteries.
The best Greek museums are located throughout the country.
The Museum of the Acropolis
Meteora's stunning rock formations are one of Greece's most famous tourist destinations, and it's simple to see why. At the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Byzantine monasteries that hover around the summits, marvel at the combined talents of mankind and Mother Nature.
Greece island hopping is a popular activity, but this Mediterranean gem's magic stretches far beyond its turquoise waters. Trafalgar takes you to the most fascinating museums in Greece, where you can delve deep into the country's rich history.
This museum is located at the base of one of the most significant ancient sites in Western Europe. Explore the halls of history and look up at the spectacular view through the glass walls to peel back the layers of history. To fully appreciate the scope of this museum, set aside at least two hours.
Eastern Orthodox monasteries
Best Greek museums
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The Royal Palace of Agamemnon's Remains

To see the remnants of Agamemnon's Royal Palace, which is among the world's best-preserved forts, is an essential part of any trip to Greece. Look up and take in the breathtaking views of the countryside, which were once significant military hubs in ancient Greek civilisation.

The Museum of Military History at the University of Georgia

When it first opened its doors in 1975, the Athens War Museum served as a repository for military memorabilia and artifacts from Greece's past conflicts. The museum honors those who battled for Greece's independence by displaying a timeline spanning four levels from ancient times to the present. These walls will hardly fail to impress history buffs.

Greek cuisine at its finest

Greek cuisine is renowned around the world for its delectable dishes, which range from light antipasto dips like taramasalata and tzatziki to heartier main courses like grilled meats and fresh fish. When you cruise with Trafalgar, you'll get to experience the best of Greek cuisine up close and personal.


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Moussaka, one of Greece's most famous main dishes, combines eggplant, ground pork, onion, and béchamel sauce in a filling and satisfying dish. During your stay, sample this dish a few times to see how it changes from family to family.


One of Greece's most famous main dishes

This snack is a national treasure despite its simplicity: skewered meats and veggies are flavored with a variety of sauces. Street vendors selling traditional Greek fare, such as souvlaki with salad and thick hot chips, are the best places to find true souvlaki.


The pinnacle of street food